Microsoft Lumia Unlock Code

Microsoft Lumia unlock code for Cricket Wireless Microsoft Lumia cellphones – ready to network unlock your Cricket phone? You’ve come to the right place. When it comes to unlocking your Cricket Microsoft Lumia phone – IMEI unlocking is the way to go. Once your phone is unlocked you can use any SIM your phone supports allowing you to use just about any carrier or provider. Using just your IMEI you are able to SIM unlock your Cricket Wireless Microsoft Lumia cellphone. IMEI unlocking is the easiest way to permanently unlock your Cricket Microsoft Lumia phone.

How it works

Provide you IMEI, confirm the carrier (Cricket) and the model and receive your Cricket Wireless IMEI unlock code. Submit your phone info and then relax and wait for your code to arrive via email. Once your code arrives – pop in your new SIM (from a carrier other than Cricket) and enter the unlock code when you’re prompted and your phone is permanently unlocked. It’s really that easy!

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