ZTE Sonata 3 Unlock Code


ZTE Sonata 3 Unlock Code – get a ZTE network unlock code for the Sonata 3.  Provide your IMEI, network and model below and receive your unlock code.

  • Choose the model to unlock
  • Choose the carrier your phone is locked to
  • Type *#06# to display your IMEI


ZTE Sonata 3 Unlock Code – CricketUnlockCodes.com provides network unlock codes, sometimes called SIM unlock codes or IMEI unlock codes for almost any Cricket Wireless cellphone.  These unlock codes come directly from the cellphone manufacturer and will permanently unlock your Cricket phone so you’re free to use it on any carrier or provider you choose.  You’re no longer tied to just Cricket but are free to use a SIM from AT&T or T-Mobile or Rogers or from your favorite carrier.

Free ZTE Sonata 3 Unlock Code

Want to unlock the ZTE Sonata 3 but don’t want to pay for it?  We can help.  CricketUnlockCodes.com has partnered with TrialPay to give you a free network unlock code for the ZTE Sonata 3.  Click the link below and complete a TrialPay offer to receive your network unlock code for free.  Some of the TrialPay offers are even free trials.  Or you Can try Netflix, Stamps.com or any number of other products which you may have been already going to purchase any way.  Why not get a free unlock code for buying a product you were going to buy anyway?!


ZTE Sonata 3 Unlock Code Instructions

Have your ZTE Sonata 3 SIM network unlock code and are wondering how to enter it on your phone?  No problem!  Follow the instructions below to permanently unlock your Cricket Wireless ZTE cellphone.

  • Insert a SIM from a carrier from a carrier other than Cricket Wireless
  • The ZTE Sonata 3 will ask you to enter the SIM unlock pin
  • Enter the SIM unlock code provided by CricketUnlockCodes
  • Your phone is now permanently unlocked

The unlocking instructions above should cover almost all Cricket ZTE phones – if they do not work for you, please contact us and we’ll offer any assistance that we can.


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